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Indigenous recruitment specialists, ie.project was started in 2012 by Jason Elsegood and Wendy Moulds.



Indigenous recruitment specialists, ie.project was started in 2012 by Jason Elsegood and Wendy Moulds.

ie.project (NT) Pty Ltd is a collaborative business model owned and operated by Jason Elsegood and Wendy Moulds. With a six year history of working together, Jason and Wendy established ie.project in 2012 with the goal of seeing the percentages of Indigenous people participating and benefiting in the local economy more reflective of current population statistics. They are committed to increasing participation in economic growth by providing the opportunity to Indigenous Australians through employment and the flow-on effects this can provide to the individual and their significant others.

The team at ie.project specialise in Indigenous workforce development. Having built an excellent reputation in delivering real results, they are highly regarded by both the business and Indigenous community. Their model works with employers to gain an understanding of their requirements and then recruit (training where applicable) candidates to meet current and emerging job opportunities. Their recent successful program ’60+ Jobs’ delivered 97 jobs and created a momentum in the community where on finalising the program the enquiries for opportunities continued. This program received the runner-up award in the category of Industry Collaboration at the 2015 NT Training Awards.

In their endeavour to drive Indigenous employment, ie.project are now able to offer employers a one stop shop for professional Indigenous Workforce Solutions. Now offering recruitment and labour hire services, ie.project are assisting businesses contracting to the Northern Territory Government to meet their requirements under the Indigenous Employment Participation policy as well as working with the broader business community to meet workforce demands.


ie.project has been working in partnership with local building company ProBuild to develop a local Indigenous workforce for the company. We have been involved in finding appropriate local Indigenous people for positions at ProBuild, and supporting them through the experience of being a trainee and gaining new skills.


Cross Cultural Consultants

Cross Cultural Consultants (CCC) has been operating since 1990 specialising in the delivery of training and consultancy services in the field of intercultural effectiveness, capacity building and community development.

Batchelor Institute

Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education provides training and further education, and higher education for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.


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